Sunday, 16 October 2011


It is just me? Our house? Our kids?
We always seem to have a few things that we can't find. 
A while ago it was Bella's strawberry shortcake tee, and Ben's monkey.
Now, we are missing:
* Ben's sigg sippy (eeeeww, and it's been months.  I don't even know if I want to find it anymore.)
* A library book (which I found and set aside two days before it was due, and now it's gone.  It is at least a month overdue.).
*  And, the saddest of all.... "hooo" Ben's owl (from this shop on etsy).  He thankfully has three owl babies of different sizes, and this was his his fave- but at least he has two others to sleep with.

 Ben's smile
my peace of mind

So if any of these are at your house... let me know! I have turned mine upside down.

Does this happen to anyone else? Moms? Is it my fault for not being the tidiest most organized momma? Or the kids? Or a combo? Or does it just drive me waaay too nuts?


  1. I too have a SIGG mia. Fortunately I ONLY ever put water in them because I remember babysitting somewhere and finding old bottles and sippycups in and under couches....EWWW
    So now...milk goes in a cup and stays at the table. SIGG's hold water :)
    Good luck with your treasure hunt. When something is lost here, I first as CO if he has seen it lately or if he can help me find it (if his story includes dinosaurs or monsters taking it, I know that he hasn't a clue where it is either)
    I am currently missing ONE monkey crock (j's) and almost one of every pair of J's socks.
    ~amy (p.s. I have troubles leaving comments while being signed in so I go with the anonymous route)

  2. I'm having a hard time finding my marbles. Maybe they're at your house?! LMAO!!


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