Wednesday, 21 November 2012


All kids do it.
Mine included.
They mispronounce all sorts of words.
When my niece would say funny things, I wondered why her parents didn't correct her. Now I know why... And miss how she used to call me "Gosi" (Josi) or say Gust (just).
My kids say some pretty cute things too. Bella says "breskit" (breakfast), And "purrise" (surprise) among others I don't have the heart to correct her. She used to call her blanket a "manky".
Then there's Ben. He mispronounces pretty much everything. We have come to understand a lot of his little language. He drops all sorts of consonants, and trades his vowels. May means more. Bay means boy. Inney is Finley. It's cute... But sometimes we don't understand him. It's like listening to someone with a super strong accent... It takes lots of concentration. We've been referred for speech and language help. We've been correcting him lately, and have seen some improvement. I am looking forward to progress.
I know one day lol miss their silly talk.
What do your kids say? Do you correct them? Or pick and choose?


  1. when Chase was two, the kid next door was 4+ and I could not understand that kid at all. So when Chase was three, I put him in Speech as most people couldn't understand him and I didn't want him to be like the neighbour kid :)
    Speech was great! Chase acutally misses it. He was a nice challenge for his speech teacher because unlike other kids, he wasn't keen on speaking for stickers.
    For correcting they suggested that you say 'Finley has a 'fffff'sound at the begining, you hold your teeth on your lip like this 'fffffinley'. They suggested to not say 'f f f f finley' but to just blend it so that kids don't put a pause between the sound and the wrong pronunciation of the word 'f inney'
    (does that make is harder to write than say)
    now Chase's speech is great...he caught up quickly...but he still says things in his own way and I don't always correct him. He says 'prise' instead of 'surprise'

    1. oh and focus on begining sounds...because once they start pronouncing the sounds properly at the begining, they tend to just start fitting them in at the middle and end on their own.

    2. Amy, that's funny about how you wanted to prevent Chase from being like the kid next door! (So much of our parenting is based on stuff like that! :))
      Thanks for your tips! I will keep trying... And I understand what you were saying.
      They say it will probably be about eight months until he even gets assessed.

  2. ps. I like how he says Surprise! (that's got to be a commonly mispronounced one!)

  3. Josi,
    do you meal plan ahead? I'd be intersted to have you blog about what you serve your family... :) nosey?? well sort of. Plus I am looking for more meal suggestions as I feel like I am in a funk...and I would prefer some healthier, processed free inspired suggestions...
    I know that my avoidance of processed foods is working as the other day Chase saw a box of rice krispies at someone else's house and he asked what it was :)

  4. Amy-
    I have thoughtfully responded to this with a LOT of writing...TWICE and it didn't post.
    So here's the short form.
    I LOVE your Rice Crispies story!!!
    I think we all get into funks sometimes, so lately I've been more planful.
    I will email you some of our recent meals. I can't handle typing for another half hour to have it not post!


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