Saturday, 10 December 2011

New Traditions?

Thanks to those of you have still been checking this in the last month and a half since I've slowed down my writing.
We do things everyday that I want to share!  So when I finally start writing again more regularly- in Jan (my course will be over!! woo hooo!) it's going to be tough to decide what to share.

The kids and I had a nice day together.  Lately though, it seems to take FOREVER to get out of the house.  This morning (as with the last few days) I really struggled.  I would do Bella's hair, she'd pull it out (three times in a row). I'd try to dress Ben, he'd run away. I'd zip up his coat, he'd undo it. I'd pass Bella her mitts, she'd get mad they were the wrong ones.....

Anyways, back to the nice day.  We had a big talk on the way to town about children in our community who won't be getting presents for Christmas.  We talked about how we will have presents, and already have lots of toys.  I asked them "What do you think that we can do to help those children who won't have presents?".  Ben (is starting to talk, but) was quiet.  Isabella, said "Tell them not to cry and be sad.  And not to be naughty and santa will bring presents to them".  That was totally not the reaction I had expected!  None the less, we chatted some more and then Ben said something that sounded like "buy" but without the "b" (he seems to leave out the first sounds in a word). That's the reaction I was aiming for!

We made a quick stop for a green smoothie - and a purple one for Bella (berry-- to match her purple pants"), and some delish macaroons (from Pure).

Then, off to Walmart. When we got there, there were two cop cars parked outside- collecting toys for a toy drive! Sweet! Less driving! Meant to be!

I kept both kids in the cart, and explained to them that they could each choose one toy for a boy, and one for a girl (total =4), and we went up and down all the aisles, talking about the toys.  Then after the full tour and talk. I let them walk the aisles, and choose gifts. They were well behaved (thank goodness!)   Ben went to the Dora bike, and said "home" a couple times.  Other than that they both knew very well that the gifts were not for us, but for others.  They were very happy to be giving to others, and knew that they were doing some good, and would make a difference in a handful of children's Christmases. Also, on the way out, we passed the section of less expensive gifts, and they each chose another gift.  When we were in line, Bella grabbed some candies and put them on the counter to buy too (she just couldn't stop shopping for others! So cute. I think I know where she gets it from!) Then we delivered them to the police cars.   (We went back in to do our own shopping for some upcoming projects).

Fast forward to tonight.. after trying to get the kids out the door (on my own) for what felt like hours (this time the stalling included Ben not eating dinner until the rest of us were done, and some wrestling while we were trying to get suited up)... we went to town for the "Old Fashioned Christmas".  We met up with some good friends, sat in a sleigh, went for a horse drawn wagon ride, danced to the band, and visited the reindeer  Then it got late... and REALLY cold (read: grouchy).  Thankfully we went into a store to warm up and drink our hot cocoa, and ran into one of Isabella's lovely teachers, who scooped her up and visited with us, and probably made our night (both kids were warm and smiling, and walking - not begging to be carried).  And finally.. home, to run and squeal and make snow angels, then in for a warm snack, a seat on the heat register, more cuddles, wrestling, and songs and to bed.  Waaay too late.

I'm exhausted. I hope they are too!

I hope that these two things we did today become Christmas Traditions in our family.

(I was going to ad pics,... but wrote this two days ago....I hope you'll settle for a post without pictures!)