Friday, 20 April 2012

Welcome babe!

On April 10th, Dan and I welcomed our third baby into this world.
Our experience was incredible and unforgettable (I will share soon).
We are SO in love!

Here is our little boy:

We had the toughest time naming him, and went back and forth between two names for about six months.  And finally when he was ten days old, we figured we HAD TO name him.

Finley James Franklin Hewgill

Finley - means "Fair Warrior"
James- is after my grandpa, James Macey.  He was an amazing man... Its my wish that Finley has even a few of his gentle, amazing characteristics.
Franklin- after Dan's grandpa.  Also, another really good man.  Again, I hope Finley has a heart like his great grandpa.

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