Tuesday, 24 July 2012

My fave new bevvie!!! Iced Choco Coconut

Through this spring and summer I've been making a yummy drink in the blender!
You totally have to give it a try!!!

I'm a fan of all yummy (and unhealthy) frozen coffee drinks that tempt me all summer long.  But this is better.. and healthier.

1 Young coconut
1-2 tbsp raw cocoa powder
1 cup almond milk (or other kind of milk)
1-2 tbsp agave
LOTS of ice!
(extra coconut water is optional and yummy)

Open young coconut, pour coconut water into blender, and scoop out all meat.  (google directions if you're new at opening young coconuts... oh, and if your grocery store doesn't have young coconuts, ask.  Sometimes they are in the back... why? I'm not sure.)

I would suggest if you want the coconut meat to be less chunky, blend the cocout water and meat until it is the consistency you'd like, then add in the agave nectar (more or less, depending on how sweet you'd like it-- also, this depends on how sweet your milk is.  ie. is your almond milk, or soy milk unsweetned, or sweetened?), and the raw cocoa powder.  Blend.  Add ice, and blend.


I might make this with a shot of espresso in it sometime. :)

Finley -2 months

Finn was two months old- on June 10th.
I couldn't upload pics from my laptop to my blog (for a while)

So, I'm giving it a go again!  YAY!!!! It worked!!!!

Monday, 9 July 2012

Momma Bella

I just left all the kids in the livingroom, so I could pop some laundry in the dryer, and top up my coffee.
I had left Finley wearing an unbuttoned onsie, and a clean diaper under him- but not on, just so he could get some fresh air.
I came back in, and I was a little concerned Finn might have peed all over the place, but to my surprise, Bella proudly pointed out to me that she put on Finley's diaper, did up all his onsie buttons, and put a bib on him (and she did it all perfectly)!!!!
She is gonna make one great momma, or at least an awesome big sis!!!

Saturday, 7 July 2012

The kids.

The other day, I took Bella, a friend of hers, Ben and Finn to the hair dressers- my big kids needed a haircut. My lovely hairdresser did a great job with them, then bought them lollipops so she could cut my hair. :)
I thought it was a dream come true that I could get my hair trimmed (and flat ironed) even if I had to nurse Finley under the cape!!

Bella took dance lessons all week, and had the most adorable performance yesterday, which totally melted my heart!! Ben's been begging and crying to go to dance with her.... Daddy said no.

Last night I asked Bella what her favourite activities have been (soccer, gymnastics, or dance). She answered "soccer (which by the way she hated), and, um, poker!"

Ben was playing, and hiding so I could chase him. He ended up in his bed, where he lifted up his pillow and pulled our three screwdrivers!!! I wish I always had my camera around my neck!!

Finley is starting to really laugh! And, easily! A month ago I had to tickle him for ever to even get a little giggle! His smile and giggle melts my heart amd makes me smile!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Talking about difficult things with Bella

I've experienced something new as a mom lately. The amount of empathy I have for my children, and how much I want to guard their feelings in some ways.
Thursday was Bella's last day of Montessori, and Friday was the end of the year party.... Where I learned that one of Bella's teachers - that she's been with for a year and a half is moving away for a better opportunity. Isabella loves this teacher so much. And when the teacher hugged Bella goodbye on Friday night, she squeezed her tight and said "Bella, you know how much I love you, right?".
The next morning at breakfast I told Bella about her teacher moving away. In true Bella style, there were a lot of "why's?". I've had to break other sad news to her in the past but for some reason, this was really hard. Isabella even said she wanted to move away with her and go to the new school with her teacher.
I had to leave the room because I started crying during our chat.
Later that night I was explaining to Bella the things we would be doing this weekend. One of which was a going away party for my sister in law who is moving to Australia for a couple years for school. Again, in true Bella style, there were a lot of "why's?". And again, I started tearing up, thinking about how much Bella would miss her auntie, and how much her aunt would miss our kids. I know she's got a great connection with my kids and it makes me sad to know that they are going to miss so much of each other in the next few years. My kids are going to grow and change a lot. My kids already have a couple aunts that live so far away.
Anyways.... I sometimes find it pretty difficult to explain things and answer questions.  I'm pretty sure the questions and situations are going to get much tougher!
Maybe if Bella quits asking "why?" all the time - it might get easier! :)