Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Sew Gorgeous Dresses!

Lately my friend, Karina and I have been making dresses from pillowcaes. We have started a facebook group, SEW GORGEOUS.  Our aim is to make as many dresses (ourselves and with anyone that we can recruit) and send them to third world countries with various people who are making the trip anyways- to be delivered to children in need.

Karina and I are alike. We both have a heart for giving and serving.  Our goal is to one day go on a missions trip to Haiti.  Since we are at a phase of our lives where a trip like that is unlikely- I am so excited to say that we have finally found a way to help that we are really enjoying!

The support that we have recieved thus far makes me sooo happy. 

I am volunteering at my camp, Maple Grove (that I grew up going to, and where I met my hubby), this summer for family camp to organize and lead crafts.  During this week I have some cute, inspired crafts planned for the kids. I am also taking this opportunity to give the campers a chance to give back to other kids. They will be making these pillowcase dresses for needy children. I believe our first shipment will be sent with a friend to Dominican Republic to a Haitian refugee camp.  I also really want to do t-shirt decorating as well - giving the kids the opportunity to give them away, but am still looking for some t-shirt donations to help out, since my dreams are bigger than my budget.   With the younger kids I have a simpler craft (that doesn't involve needles) that can also be sent overseas to make little kiddies smile. 

If you have any sewing supplies, pillowcases, or ribbons that you're ready to part with be sure to let me know! Also if any of you are a decent seamstresses, or not, and want to give it a go (like me), feel free to take part in our project. 

Join us on our facebook group! Sew Gorgeous  

There are a few videos on youtube on how to make these dresses. This one is the simplest that I've seen.  And has a great soundtrack! :)  There are other videos too that show how to make a more well constructed dress.  The simplest ones take less than fifteen minutes with a sewing machine!

I have been pretty busy lately, and can't wait to share more about what we've been up to... but I'm too tired to upload my pics of our cute dresses... But I will post them soon.  Promise.  Posts are better with pictures!

Monday, 27 June 2011


Yesterday I wrote a cheque, and signed it with my maiden name!!
Our four year anniversary is coming up in a couple weeks! We were married on 7-7-7; so even if I slip and use my maiden name, hopefully my man never forgets our anniversary ;)

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Father's Day

This could just be my all time favourite picture I've ever taken.  Dan and Bella. Years ago.

Our first evening home with Benjamin

My husband Dan is a pretty awesome Daddy! He's fun, firm, goofy, kind, patient, and he's great at giving the kids tickles and tractor rides! He's pretty hands on, and even encourages me to get out more and offers to take the kids whenever (this might just be a trade off for his golf addiction though).  Above are some of my favourite pictures of Dan and the kids.

Here is the kids' card for Dan:

For father's day this year we got Dan a couple presents, and then he went golfing.  While he was away the kids and I did a little shopping and a mini deck makeover (I had already purchased and hid some supplies).



I know that for Father's Day I should be celebrating my dads (who I wished a very happy father's day to), but it seemed more fitting to do the post on my hubby.... The best dad that I see everyday! (And I didn't see my own dads, so that wouldn't have been interesting).

I hope you all had a great weekend... sorry this is late! :)

Monday, 13 June 2011

My new old dresser/ livingroom side table/ toy box

I got this old dresser from a local consignment shop. (These stores are popping up like crazy around here! I found three new local ones that opened within the last few months! yay!)
I love the colour in our livingroom.  Its a great place to stash diapers, wipes, and most of the kids toys; their books are on a tray underneath (that way I don't have to be so anal about all the book spines lining up on a book shelf).  I've already changed the pics, flowers, and vases a ton of times. The one on the left is Bella's vase. She puts in rocks that she finds outside (she always wants to keep them).
When I brought this home, Dan made some kind of comment about me picking up the wierdest stuff. Then he asked if I'd refinish it. Nope. I like it as it is, with some patina.  The only problem is some paint chips keep falling off. Maybe I should give it a clear coat over top? I already gave it a rough rub (not sand).

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The first of many beach days this summer (fingers crossed)

We went to the beach the other day- even though we didn't go into the water.

Ben.. not sure why his lips look goofy.

Skylar was pretty excited about the seagulls. Here she was calling them.

We had to cool off in our own little pool when we got home from the beach!

Cuddles after naps. This, right here could be the best part about being a mom of two!

Sooo busy lately

I just put my memory card on my laptop (which I haven't done in weeks).  We have been up to sooo much lately.
Bella started (Montessori) school. She was so excited that I couldn't get her to stay remotely still for me to take a pic before her first day- Until she had to wait to get into her side of the car!
She was SO proud of herself and excited to tell her daddy about her day.
Isabella attempted to ride her cousin's pony (she petted it, but wouldn't ride it.. even after I did) This same cousin's other horse had a baby, and we still haven't managed to get over to see it! :(
Spending some time with Auntie Leah before her maternity leave ended. :(

My cousin Krissy had her suprise birthday party at the trampoline place, just like Bella did. So naturally she came along!

I went home for the weekend, to see my mommy, and help my sister Jenn with her wedding preparations (along with other bridesmaids). As a surprise, my parents sent Jenn indoor skydiving for her birthday present. It was so cool!
I captured and released a few bumble bees from our house
Blossom time on our orchard with my little guy

Dan suprised the kids (and I) with these.
Ben was sick for three weeks. We spent lots of time cuddling.
 (cant rotate this even though it's the right way in my files? ideas?)

We've also been to two awesome weddings, a dance, my friend Shane Cloutier's CD release party, lots of play dates, the beach (pics to come), my nephew's birthday party (also hopefully pics to follow), date nights (saw "Bridesmaids".. too funny), hikes, evening walks with my good friend Lori, swims and dinner with the kids at Nana and Papa's, too many doctor's visits (though she's a great doc), a shopping date with my girl (for her first, second, third and fourth memorable escalator rides), a school fair, yoga, a teensy bit of gardening....Oh, and LOTS of sunshine! Thank Goodness!
I've really got to start transferring my pictures onto my laptop a LOT sooner!!! There are so many more to show you!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Its no secret... I love reading blogs. LOVE.
And I also love sharing about them. I'm always emailing blogs and sites to family and friends.
On "The Macs", Jess shares about the importance of starting her day with God. This is always something that I thought I would one day do.... Well I gues we don't grow up to be who we pictured without a little work! :)
Check it out. For the month of June she is committed to waking before her son (crazy, I know) and spending time in the word.
So I signed myself and my sister up to join Jess, and some of her other blog followers.
I missed this morning, but have made up for it.
Wish me luck! This might be more difficult than all the healthy eating challenges! :D