Wednesday, 17 October 2012

My new fave way to make KALE CHIPS

Kale... Mmmm
I'm kinda addicted to this green goodness. (hence my coffee & kale chip breakfast today)

Last night I made (and ate so fast and burnt my mouth) the best batch yet!

Maple-sesame kale chips

Fill a baking sheet with washed, dried, and torn kale.
If you're smarter than I was, you'll use parchment paper to line the sheet.
Toss kale (or massage) with a few tablespoons of oil. (I used olive, but I'm pretty sure coconut oil will be my next and most delish way).
Then drizzle with 2-3 (or more if you've got a real sweet tooth) tablespoons of pure maple syrup. (again, you can massage, or toss).
Then sprinkle the kale with 2-3 tablespoons of sesame seeds.

(you can do this at almost any temp. I prefer to not go above 300 though. @ 300 degrees, they take about 20 mins.
You can go much lower, ie, 100-110 to preserve more nutrients, but this takes much longer).

Check on them about half way through baking.

Cool (very important step... Just ask my roof of my mouth and tongue)

Eat!! (repeat!)


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