Monday, 27 August 2012

I let my mommy borrow my biggest kids...

My mom has been asking if she could take my big kids for a few days this summer... So the time has finally come.
I miss them a bit (they are going to get smothered with hugs and kisses when I see them), but they are having so much fun!!! My mom and step dad are doing all sorts of fun activities with them!
Dan and I are getting to do our fair share of fun stuff too (we still have the babe to tote along with us). {I forgot my camera... all pics are from my iphone}
So, we went out for dinner (with surprisingly good veg options). We visited my brother and sister in law at their new home- and they got to meet Finley!
Then to our hotel. I had told dan to just get a cheaper room- I didn't care about the view. To my surprise.... We had a big, gorgeous room with a view... See!

The next morning I let my hubby sleep in, I got a little Starbucks then took Finley for a big stroll! We acted like tourists near where I grew up!

Dan took me for a nice breakfast 53 floors up with a view of the falls.
Then we headed out for some wine touring! Here's us at an organic vineyard.

Then we headed to Rawstock!!! I was so excited to go!! I had wanted to go, but I wasn't sure if Dan would be up for it or how much he'd like it.

He did well!!! We walked around and talked to lots of people, and checked out all different things.... And ate and drank delicious raw foods! I could have stayed all day, practiced yoga under the trees, and bought lots more... Maybe next year!!

We continued to a couple more wineries.

Then to another city and hotel, then out for din. (where dan entertained Finn with vids on his iPhone near the end of our night).

After a nice sleep, we headed to Toronto to see the last day of the Picasso exhibit at the AGO... And my sweet darling babe slept for most of it!!!
I convinced my man to go to the AGO shop... I wanted a few things, but he decided to buy us a 1000 piece puzzle... Yup, ONE THOUSAND pieces!

We cracked a bottle of new vino and attempted this beast for a few hours til our eyes got buggie and we had to convince each other to give up!!
On the way home Dan brought me to the biggest health food store, where I found products that I've heard of but never found, or didn't even know existed!
Serious sweetie! I am LOVING spending so much time with my man and babe! We've been able to do more, easily, and even finish our conversations! :)
I'm looking forward to the last day at home... Maybe I'll get something done around here!!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Some summer

I just put THREE memory cards on my laptop from this summer = thousands of pics.
Here's a few, I'll share as much as I can.

Finley and his  almost twin cousin (she's seven days younger)

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Finley- 3 and 4 month pics!

yep, I'm the crappiest blogger... it's official.
Here are some of Finley's pics .... first 3 months, then 4.

3 Months!

I love that smile, and sweetly crossed feet!

Now, for FOUR month pictures.