Monday, 12 March 2012

iPhone photos

I take probably too many pictures with my iPhone. These, I like to think are taken in addition to what i would normally take with my good camera- not usually replacing them.
Here are some recent ones:

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Bella's prayer

Tonight when I was tucking Bella into bed, she reminded me that she'd like to say prayers.  I generally find out what she want to pray about, then I say something, and she repeats it...  Tonight, I let her take it away!


Dear God

Thank you for today.
Please heal my ear. 
Tonight, please don't let Ben wake up.
And me.
And don't let Lucy wake up.
And Antarctica.
And Australia.
And North America.

The End.

(extra info- her earpiercing is a little infected, she doesn't like when Ben wakes her up in the night, and she knows we don't like when she wakes us up in the night.  Lucy is an old school friend, that she hasn't seen since June, but still talks about.  And it looks like she knows her continents.  I hid my giggles in my prayer hands at the end)