Friday, 19 October 2012

Rebel sleepers

I'm not sure what's normal for how kids like to sleep. I thought a bed.

Since about July, Bella & Ben have been sleeping on the floor of their bedrooms (only sleeping in their beds a small handful of times).

Now that Finley's on the move... I put him to bed on his back - with his head on the left (the head of the bed)... And whenever I come back in he's done a 180* and is on his tummy.


  1. in our house we play musical beds all night (minus the music). Rarely a night goes by that everyone stays in the bed they start in (other than myself...and I've ended up on the couch a couple of times as of late as I get sick of being kicked) on the most part it is my bed that everyone ends up in.
    it is interesting that BOTH Bella and Ben sleep on the floor when they are in seperate rooms...
    if you put Finley the opposite direction, does he turn around to the way you wanted him in the first place?

  2. That's funny about musical beds! Kids are so funny,eh?
    I wonder if Ben and Bella started sleeping on their floors since their mattresses were on the floor in our cabin. Oh well, I think it's better for their backs this way.
    I Tried what you said with Finley, I Laid him with his head on the right/foot of the bed.. Once he didn't move and once he did... That really made me think!


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