Monday, 5 November 2012

Playing together.

Bella and Ben play so well together (ok, some arguments, but that's probably normal). They love each other and are cute pals.
I sometimes wonder what the dynamic will be like when Finley is old enough to play too. Will the big kids tire of the baby they adore when he's old enough to get into their stuff? Will they just be too far apart in age? Will someone get left out? Which one?

When I grew up, the number of children in our house was usually odd, and I remember feeling left out a lot.

Bella is like the sweet, adoring mother hen (a little bossy).
She is still, almost seven months after his birth, wildly ga-ga over Finn. She is so helpful and understanding.
If I have to walk away while feeding Finley dinner, she steps in without missing a beat. In the past when I've run out of the room just before changing his diaper, she's done it for me. She's actually over board (makes me worry for Finley) helpful.

(shh! Don't tell... Isabella told me her favorite brother is Finley. I told her not to repeat that again).

Ben is so sweet too, he talks so surprisingly gently to Finley. He's kind and helpful too.
He loves to hug Finley, and asks to often. He kisses him, and runs to him when he wakes up.

Today the boys (gently and guildedly ) pretended to wrestle. Later in the day, Ben brought Finley his dinosaurs for them to play with together!

It was so cute.

Both kids played peek a boo with him.

It's nice to see the kids play with Finn, as more than just a baby to kiss, and cuddle and take care of.
(though the baby stuff melts my heart)

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