Thursday, 26 April 2012

Our baby story

April 10th was by far one of the coolest days of my life!!!

We had our son at home. With our midwives and my momma.

This was a tough decision for us to come to together (to have a home birth). I have always thought the ideal birth would be at home, in the water. So I wanted to do this at home (in reality I had a huge list of the pro's of doing this at home - not just the water birth part).

For those out there against home birth, I did my homework, and learned so much. In my case, a healthy pregnancy, it was a safe option. Instead of blindly choosing to do what everyone seems to do (go the  hospital route)- I took this opportunity to learn as much as I could to make an informed decision, even if it was drastically different from my previous two hospital births.

Dan, on the other hand was very on board about all the benefits of having a home birth, but was extremely reluctant because of our distance from the hospital (which I timed to be 20 mins, he swears it's more like a half hour).  So we ended up discussing home birth A LOT over the course of our pregnancy.  I think where we ended up was that I would be prepared to do a home birth (ie. have all the supplies), and I would start labour here, and then, if Dan wanted, or if I needed to I would move to the hospital.  However, I really hoped he would see how well I was doing at home, and would feel comfortable, and would tell me to stay home! The funny thing is, the day before I went into labour, Dan set up the labour tub, and I got most things ready for labouring at home.  Later that night we were talking and he said that "if it were me, I'd want to be at home too".  I took that as a green light.  I'm not sure if it was meant as one... But I took it that way! :)

For this labour and delivery, I kind of dreamed up a wish list of sorts. Based on what I imagined an ideal birth should be like, what I researched, and knew about myself, and my body.

If I were to share the checklist - almost everything would be checked off.
Labour at home - check
Midwives that I knew and loved- check
My husband- check!
My mom- Check
A speedy labour- check
My kids still at home- check, and not bugging me- check!
Labour in the birthing tub- Check
Delivery in the tub- check
Catching my own baby- Check..
Recovery in my own bed-- check
My own healthy delicious food- not gross hospital food. Check
Champagne to celebrate- check!
(I'll spare some details)

The night was incredible.

The kids have wanted to paint my belly like an Easter Egg since just before Easter.
So they did in my early stages of labour.

Later when things got a little more intense, my mom took care of the kids, and I did my own thing.

My midwives came, and the kids went to bed. This was around 8pm.
My mom read Bella a story about birthing at home, and they talked all about it.  This really prepared Bella for what was going to happen that night.  In between contractions, I went and tucked each kid in, and kissed them, and chatted for a minute. Bella was excited for me, and gave me one of her birthday balloons to take with me.

At 8 pm I was told I was (only) 3cm dilated. So, I hopped in the tub. I tried to relax as much as I could, recalling the things I had learned (relaxing my limbs, mouth, humming,..)

The cool thing about being home was things felt more relaxed. I was in my own space, and in control. I asked for the lights to be dimmed, which was perfect. When I wanted to be alone, and quiet, I was, with the midwives in the next room; I sent Dan and my mom for breaks. (Dan liked that he could have a beer and watch sports highlights!)
My mom took some photos- some are pretty hard for me to look at (the look of pain isn't really pretty)- BUT I am sooo thankful that she took some pictures for us to have.

The whole thing was very relaxed. (and that sentence coming from the non drugged laboring momma means a lot!) I mean - this was my most relaxed labour... Not a fun relaxing time.

My mom says her favourite part was when I kept saying "I'm having a baby!"- and was very excited!

Somewhere around then, I remember looking at Dan, and saying, "It looks like we're not going to the hospital! We're having him at home!"

I read somewhere in a book, probably Ina May's, that it's hard to be tense when you are telling people  that you love them.  So, I, very sincerely, told everyone that surrounded me that night (even when times were tough) that I loved them all.  I was so grateful for all of their presences, guidance, love and support.

We had to heat pots of water on the stove to keep the tub warm enough, as a friend warned us, our hot water heater couldn't keep up!

Just before ten pm, I felt a little pushy. We were still waiting on my second birth attendant who was lost (please don't use gps to find our house, everyone gets lost). She arrived at five to ten.
I was ready to push! The midwives said I had a cervical lip. This frightened Dan and I a bit, because during labour with Isabella, I also had a lip that for some reason the nurses didn't do anything about until it was too late, and it snowballed into swelling,  unwanted interventions, pain, and a much longer labour (31 hours!!) Anyways, back to this birth story... After trying twice, my midwife was able to slide the lip away (in my chart it says this was at 10 pm), and our boy was born at 10:02 pm!!!!

He was born in the water, caught by his momma's hands! I will never forget that moment! It was so precious to be so involved in my son's delivery. And to gently bring him into this world- myself! I can't even explain how incredible this was!

He was just perfect!!

I loved sharing this beautiful experience with my husband and mom (who hadn't been to my other births).

The midwives took great care of me and we rested... In my king size bed- Dan, baby and I !!
Dan meeting babe

So, that's my baby story. :)
It was pretty awesome- I would suggest midwives and home birth to other moms and dads.-- but, I am a kinda private person, and feel more comfortable at home- rather than in a hospital.
I made it sound pretty rosy... but don't get me wrong...there was quite a bit of pain (duh! I wasn't really able to figure out the "painless" childbirth- or hypnobirthing)- but I was well supported, and Dan was an awesome coach- reminding me of all the things we wanted to focus on. My mom and midwives were great to have- each stepping in at various times to help me through- and working well together.

He weighed 8lbs 3 oz
I've linked up with Embrace the Camera... Go check it out.. Great Blog!!
I encourage you momma's and daddies to get infront of the camera too.
You never know when you'll be thankful for the pics of yourself - even when you look rough!
(and if I can do it during labour.. you can too!)

Friday, 20 April 2012

Welcome babe!

On April 10th, Dan and I welcomed our third baby into this world.
Our experience was incredible and unforgettable (I will share soon).
We are SO in love!

Here is our little boy:

We had the toughest time naming him, and went back and forth between two names for about six months.  And finally when he was ten days old, we figured we HAD TO name him.

Finley James Franklin Hewgill

Finley - means "Fair Warrior"
James- is after my grandpa, James Macey.  He was an amazing man... Its my wish that Finley has even a few of his gentle, amazing characteristics.
Franklin- after Dan's grandpa.  Also, another really good man.  Again, I hope Finley has a heart like his great grandpa.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Resting up

I love being pregnant! Nothing can compare to a life inside of you. I know pregnancy has it's ups and downs...ugh, like the first trimester! Thank goodness you can barely remember the first bit by the time you get to the end.
This baby has by far been my most active. Which is actually really cool. I love feeling his every move. That's why it would take me so long to fall asleep -- because when I lay down, it's play time for him... And I just wanted to feel everything.
Now I know I'm near the end. I'm due in two days. My body has been giving me signs. He will come soon.
I love babies... Especially my own, and I am so excited to meet this little guy. I am actually sad to not be pregnant anymore though. The thought that I have to have him- outside of my body, and we aren't decided on if we are going to have more children; possibly making this my last baby, my last pregnancy, and who knows maybe my last day of pregnancy ever kinda makes me really sad. Thankfully this kind of feeling if loss will have such a joyous ending.
For now, I'm a little emotional.
I also know I need to nap now, while Benjamin is. I need to rest up. We will need all the strength we can get in the next few days and weeks.
If you're reading this, please say a little prayer for our family as it grows and changes in the next little while. As Isabella and Benjamin gain a sibling, and us a child.
I am so looking forward to a beautiful birth-- whenever it will be, and my son!!!

I'll be back soon :)

not sure if anyone's out there?!
I really, really miss my blog.  Not sure if anyone else does.
I miss having a spot to share (more than just on facebook).
Lots has happened lately; visits with family and friends(maternity photo shoot with my awesome sis), a sew gorgeous workshop, warm March days, Isabella's fourth birthday, and Easter. ... Plus, I am two days from my due date with this baby!... and a new nursery.
I have lots to share.. hopefully this little guy stays put for a few more days (I kinda relish being pregnant)... and I will come back to share.
But for now, I need my sleep..
Nighty night.