Friday, 6 January 2012

Cleansing my momma bod

As I mentioned a couple days ago, I am going to do a cleanse for the last three weeks of January. This was my prep week. Which to me, so far has meant getting my head around the changes to come, adapting some habits early on (ie. skin brushing, cutting out caffeine, drinking more water, oil pulling,...), thinking about recipies, eating up my leftovers and things that will expire soon that are not allowed next week, shopping, and giving my family a heads up- so that this doesn't take them by storm.
I am looking forward to cleaning out my body. I know I did my fair share of indulging over the holidays. Its the treats that really get me. But to be honest, I have been really great at cutting out lots of sugary, processed foods over the past couple years (actually, I started in highschool... but have had a love affair with sugary treats)... but since roughly Halloween, (=lots of available candy+ that I wouldn't let my kids eat+coupled with silly pregnancy hormones and craving=) I've been a bit of a bad girl. And so have my kids. My sweet kiddies who all summer and fall ate apples like they were going out of style, now when asked what snack they would like, tend to respond "Candy cane" "advent calendar chocolate"..... :S
So, our home is in need of a bit of a cleanse.
I am doing this to feel better, and for my family. I am hoping to gain some more energy from this (which I will need, as meals might take more thought, and prep). I am also doing this for the little guy growing inside me. He deserves this. And probably he could also use a little break from the sugar and (sniff, sniff,) coffee. I want him to taste all the yummy grains and veggies that I eat, and not stick his nose up at them (ok.. in a year).
So if you are interested in doing a gentle cleanse, check out holistic nutritionist, Ange, at hol-fit. Even if you aren't interested, her website is totally worth checking out. We could all learn something from her- and have a little of her inspiration rub off on us.

hol : fit

Wish me luck! And feel free to share recipies!


  1. Hey Josi, how is the cleanse coming along?? I just picked up my ONFC order today and wondered if you too belong to a buying club?
    I like that I can get ezekiel bread at cost (and I usually wait and buy it by the case when it is onsale 15-20% off atcost) I joined a buying club in my area this past fall. I looked at the delivery routes and it seems they deliver to M*ford and Thorn*y. Just an option...helps save money while being able to afford healthier food options.

  2. ThanKs Amy!
    The cleanse is going well. I've been caffeine, sugar, processed wheat, and processed almost everything free for almost ten days! I feel great. I've even lost a couple lbs (not that it was my aim). Ben and I really LOVE the green juice. (I am missing some foods though).
    I don't belong to a buying club. But that would be handy. I've had some call my house before, but they always advertise as if they are meant for buying lots of processed foods and meats... so I turn them down.
    I am looking into the one you suggested. They deliver to Collingwood bi-weekly!
    Thanks for the idea

  3. this one is all the foods you would buy at the health food store. And they just added delivery bi weekly to Meaford and Thornbury...I think you have enough people in your family and circle of friends that you could probably even start your own club if there isn't one that you can join.
    this is a link to the online catalogue (not sure if I am supposed to be sharing it)

  4. oh and what kind of juicer do you have???

  5. Thanks again! That's really cool. A lot of our grocery bill is spent at the health food store/ or the healthy aisles (aside from produce).
    My juicer isn't great. I'd love to upgrade (its a hamilton beach).

  6. I don't have a juicer but have been wanting one for many many months. Breville juicers are on sale at amazon but my new years resoultion is to not use my credit card until after hopefully they come on sale again.
    I am happy with the buying club. I pretty much only order from the sales flyer. I am LOVING having the exeziel bread more economical. I just have to remember to make sure there is space in the freezer before ordering :) I have been buying the exeziel english muffins too and then we use them for tuna melts, mini pizzas, etc.


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