Monday, 13 June 2011

My new old dresser/ livingroom side table/ toy box

I got this old dresser from a local consignment shop. (These stores are popping up like crazy around here! I found three new local ones that opened within the last few months! yay!)
I love the colour in our livingroom.  Its a great place to stash diapers, wipes, and most of the kids toys; their books are on a tray underneath (that way I don't have to be so anal about all the book spines lining up on a book shelf).  I've already changed the pics, flowers, and vases a ton of times. The one on the left is Bella's vase. She puts in rocks that she finds outside (she always wants to keep them).
When I brought this home, Dan made some kind of comment about me picking up the wierdest stuff. Then he asked if I'd refinish it. Nope. I like it as it is, with some patina.  The only problem is some paint chips keep falling off. Maybe I should give it a clear coat over top? I already gave it a rough rub (not sand).

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