Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Sooo busy lately

I just put my memory card on my laptop (which I haven't done in weeks).  We have been up to sooo much lately.
Bella started (Montessori) school. She was so excited that I couldn't get her to stay remotely still for me to take a pic before her first day- Until she had to wait to get into her side of the car!
She was SO proud of herself and excited to tell her daddy about her day.
Isabella attempted to ride her cousin's pony (she petted it, but wouldn't ride it.. even after I did) This same cousin's other horse had a baby, and we still haven't managed to get over to see it! :(
Spending some time with Auntie Leah before her maternity leave ended. :(

My cousin Krissy had her suprise birthday party at the trampoline place, just like Bella did. So naturally she came along!

I went home for the weekend, to see my mommy, and help my sister Jenn with her wedding preparations (along with other bridesmaids). As a surprise, my parents sent Jenn indoor skydiving for her birthday present. It was so cool!
I captured and released a few bumble bees from our house
Blossom time on our orchard with my little guy

Dan suprised the kids (and I) with these.
Ben was sick for three weeks. We spent lots of time cuddling.
 (cant rotate this even though it's the right way in my files? ideas?)

We've also been to two awesome weddings, a dance, my friend Shane Cloutier's CD release party, lots of play dates, the beach (pics to come), my nephew's birthday party (also hopefully pics to follow), date nights (saw "Bridesmaids".. too funny), hikes, evening walks with my good friend Lori, swims and dinner with the kids at Nana and Papa's, too many doctor's visits (though she's a great doc), a shopping date with my girl (for her first, second, third and fourth memorable escalator rides), a school fair, yoga, a teensy bit of gardening....Oh, and LOTS of sunshine! Thank Goodness!
I've really got to start transferring my pictures onto my laptop a LOT sooner!!! There are so many more to show you!


  1. Love love you guys..Marlee has the same bathing suit as Bella!!!!!!!!
    Miss you xo

  2. Aw.It's so cute! We'll have to get our girls in them together at camp!


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