Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Father's Day

This could just be my all time favourite picture I've ever taken.  Dan and Bella. Years ago.

Our first evening home with Benjamin

My husband Dan is a pretty awesome Daddy! He's fun, firm, goofy, kind, patient, and he's great at giving the kids tickles and tractor rides! He's pretty hands on, and even encourages me to get out more and offers to take the kids whenever (this might just be a trade off for his golf addiction though).  Above are some of my favourite pictures of Dan and the kids.

Here is the kids' card for Dan:

For father's day this year we got Dan a couple presents, and then he went golfing.  While he was away the kids and I did a little shopping and a mini deck makeover (I had already purchased and hid some supplies).



I know that for Father's Day I should be celebrating my dads (who I wished a very happy father's day to), but it seemed more fitting to do the post on my hubby.... The best dad that I see everyday! (And I didn't see my own dads, so that wouldn't have been interesting).

I hope you all had a great weekend... sorry this is late! :)

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