Saturday, 7 July 2012

The kids.

The other day, I took Bella, a friend of hers, Ben and Finn to the hair dressers- my big kids needed a haircut. My lovely hairdresser did a great job with them, then bought them lollipops so she could cut my hair. :)
I thought it was a dream come true that I could get my hair trimmed (and flat ironed) even if I had to nurse Finley under the cape!!

Bella took dance lessons all week, and had the most adorable performance yesterday, which totally melted my heart!! Ben's been begging and crying to go to dance with her.... Daddy said no.

Last night I asked Bella what her favourite activities have been (soccer, gymnastics, or dance). She answered "soccer (which by the way she hated), and, um, poker!"

Ben was playing, and hiding so I could chase him. He ended up in his bed, where he lifted up his pillow and pulled our three screwdrivers!!! I wish I always had my camera around my neck!!

Finley is starting to really laugh! And, easily! A month ago I had to tickle him for ever to even get a little giggle! His smile and giggle melts my heart amd makes me smile!

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