Saturday, 8 October 2011

This Thanksgiving....

We have a little news to share.

 I"m sure you've got the hint.  :)
 If not, here's another.

As Isabella says "after my party you will have a baby!"
(Her birthday is April 2nd; the next babe is due April 13th).

13 weeks

We went to our 12 (ish) week ultrasound the other day. Isabella came with me, and Dan took Benjamin to work with him (we clearly could use more people to help with the kids; I would have loved if Dan could have been with me). Isabella was very well behaved, and loved the whole experience. She even held my hand, and rubbed my leg to comfort me. 

The baby is growing, and looks so much different than he/she did just three weeks ago- when we saw him/her last (when they looked like a little peanut).
I think the babe was trying to suck his/her thumb, or pick their nose. :)
 Hopefully not the latter.
12.5 weeks

This Thanksgiving, we have a lot to be thankful for.
A new baby on the way.
Two awesome kids.
Happy days.
A sweet hardworking husband/dad.
A good harvest.
Good friends.
Healthy food.
Sew gorgeous dresses going to Haiti

And the thought that very soon I will start feeling better!!!
(and might be able to keep up with all of the above)

A big thankyou to those who kept our secret for us.  And a sorry to our friends that I wasn't exactally honest with when they asked me if I was pregnant, or was thinking of having another baby soon. 


  1. congratulations Josie and family!!

  2. It was not easy keeping your secret!

  3. I don't know what I did....but I can comment now! I worked on it for a half an hour this morning. Hmmmm...


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