Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Isabella and her Apple Bin

When Bella was born, my husband's business was in the process of building lots of new apple bins.  So, either my father in law, or husband decided to make one with Isabella's name on it (after two tries... the first was misspelled).
We have taken her picture in it every fall. This is actually kind of tricky- because there are soooo many bins, that we are lucky to find it, and when we do, it gets filled with apples, and I have to rush over with my girl and camera before they apples get whisked away on a truck.

 FALL 2008

FALL 2009

FALL 2010

and this year, I let Ben in on some of the pictures... (and my camera was acting up- so I'm not totally pleased with many of them)

Bella looks so tall here. I think the key is wearing a dress that's two sizes too small.

brr... mommy

I was quite impressed with Bella. She usually comes home from school not looking as cute as I sent her. On the day we took these pictures, we came straight from school.  I was so proud.  Her hair and outfit looked just like they did when I dropped her off that morning!

I've noticed after looking through these, that she's worn a white/off white cardi every fall... Looks like that's another tradition I'll have to keep up.
I love looking through these and watching her grow!

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