Friday, 30 September 2011

Framed Chalkboard D.I.Y.

I started with framed Anne Geddes picture, that was cutesie, but not my style.
I carefully took the glass and print out, and got rid of them.
Then I measured and cut out a piece of sticky backed chalkboard paper that I got from the dollar store.  It came in a roll.
I adhered this right to the cardboard. 
Then put it all back together again. 
And wa-ll-ah! We have a super cute chalk board for the kiddies.



I have seen this done before where you take everything out of your chosen frame, and cut out a piece of MDF, and paint it with chalk board paint and put it back in.  That would probably be sturdier than mine, but would take more time (which I don't seem to have a ton of).  Mine works just fine.

Also you could paint the frame, which would be totally cute (think glossy pink, turquoise, or yellow)... but I was happy with the bronze-y look.


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