Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Article. Busted: Top Vegan Nutritional Myths

Last night I went out for dinner with my cousin.  As usual I get asked about being vegan (I think its hard for servers not to ask when you order your nachos without cheese). 
Sometimes people ask me my reasons.  Like last night. I got asked is it "because you feel bad for the animal?" to which I answer yes.  I don't like how they are treated, or what they are injected with.  (Then the conversation went on a tangent about local reputable butchers.)  And those were my original reasons for my choice. But now it's so much more.  Our health.  Our earth.  My children.   -Which I don't always get to mention.  Even though I think it should be common knowledge.
Then they ask the "protein" question.  Or the "iron" question.  How can you be a healthy vegetarian?? It seems to be a mystery to so many.  Plants provide all we need. But since we are soooo clean, and b12 is stripped away- that is the only supplement I need- to replace what is found in meat (and yes, I do get my blood tested often).
I think it's funny that once you cut out meat and dairy that people assume your health will take a downward spin.  Although, it's actually the total opposite (that is unless you are a pasta, fries and veggie burger only eating vegan).  I think that I take my body and health for granted sometimes, because this has been a life choice since such an early age.  It amazes me to see the transformation in others who make the switch.  My hottie little sis in law is a great example of this. I am so proud of her for listening to her body and doing what it took to be her healthiest.

So... here is an article I stumbled upon.  It's a good little read.
Busted: Top vegan nutritional myths
I hope it answers some questions.  And helps you with your own answers.
Any comments? Stories to share?

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