Monday, 28 May 2012

More iPhone pics

I found some pics on my cell that I wanted to share.

I got this idea from pintrest.
I printed on the chalkboard (with chalk) and I had the kids trace over it with a Qtip dipped in water.
Bella got the chance to spell all sorts of words.
Ben mostly played.
Aww, pumpkin!
I took the kiddies out for gelato one hot day after school
(they loved it, but look a little dazed here)
Dan thought a giant pile of sand was waaaay better than a small sandbox
The kiddos played in it for HOURS!
My smiley guy.
Still not laughing. But lots of smiles!
Our tub in our new bathroom is FINALLY plumbed.
I love baths!!
And my mom's kobo.(thx)
And lots of h20. 
Chillin with my little cowboy!

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