Monday, 7 May 2012

Life with three kiddos

Holy Moley!
Life is so much busier. I knew to expect that.
Now that my mom's gone home (She was here for about two weeks after Finley was born- being the MOST AMAZING help)-- I have to admit, some of the regular things are a struggle.
This really makes me appreciate all the help that people have given me. The best helps have been with meals, taking the kids, and cleaning.
This also makes me appreciate other bloggers (who actually still blog), like Ashley and Emily who have way more kids than me! (maybe I have more that aren't in school yet). I have no idea how they make it to their computer!
Life is busy. But very good. I guess I can't complain when my baby just wants to snuggle.

Our big kids ADORE Finley!

They both love their little brother, and are loving, affectionate, and helpful.
Isabella basically mauls Finley. She's always touching him. It's really cute. The way she rubs him is adorable; its like how adults probably want to- but she doesn't have a filter. She rubs her cheek all over his face and body, and she "pets" him, I've even caught licking him once!
She totally smothers him with love.
He doesn't seem to mind.
She is also very helpful and mothering.

Ben also loves his brother.
He wants to hug him in the morning before he hugs his own mommy!
Ben loves to kiss the baby (on the forehead mostly, but that's where Ben prefers to kiss and be kissed).
He asks to hold Finley often, but usually within a minute, he says he's too heavy, and wants me to take him.

I'm thrilled they love and accept him. I figured they would. They both used to talk to my belly (baby) and hug it all the time. Now it's Finley that they talk and sing to, hug, kiss, and help.

Ben shared one of his beloved owls
(he tried to share a truck, but I told the kids the baby could only play with soft & small things)

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