Monday, 16 May 2011

T. Colin Campbell, PhD - A Delicate Balance

Right now I am in the midst of reading T.Colin Campbell's "The China Study", which has been highly recommended. He conducted the longest running, and most important nutritional study.
The other day when I was asked about it by my sisters and mother in law, one of them said they'd like the "Cole's notes" on it!!! So this video is my "Cole's" answer to what I have read so far (about a quarter in- its long). (There are so many more videos by T. Colin Campbell on Youtube)

It is sooo important to take our own health into account. I feel that we are in such a fast paced, money driven, more is better, lets cover up the symptoms, and ignore research and problems- type of society that we need to educate our selves... and make it our job. Nobody is going to do this for us. Mainstream health information is lacking, biased, and I feel is so deep in their own crap that they can't get out. It seems that the norm is buying into ideas without questioning them, and almost feeling apathetic to our health.
I believe that there are natural answers to our ailing health. I believe that if we make the best choices (based on our learning) our bodies will benefit greatly. What we choose to eat (and not eat) is the biggest factor in our overall health.. so I know its worth the time, money and effort- at least for me to look into, and do the best I can for myself and my family. I want to know that I did everything possible to deter diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and the biggest one we're all afraid of... cancer. The research says that these diseases can be prevented, and even reversed! How cool is that?
Other cool resources we should check out?

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