Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Ben's Journal entry- May 13.

I keep a journal for both of my kids. Here was Ben's entry from the other day.

Hi Babe,
I love you- you're such a cute, sweet little guy!
You're adorable. And SO affectionate. You play this game with me where you tackle me. You push me over, and you love it! You, then, either bounce on my tummy, or snuggle in. When you snuggle, you tuck your hands between us- at your tummy. It's so cute. You also kiss me (sometimes really long), and then say "mmmm-wah"
Lately you have been pretty disobedient and naughty. Yesterday- you ran away from me outside, broke a flower pot, dumped all our snacks on the floor (that I made to take to a friend's house for our playdate- just as we were leaving), while we were at our friends- you ran to the road, and would not turn around, pulled apart my new flowers, ripped leaves off our little tree, knocked over Dad's laptop, put your (coughdrop)sucker in the toilet, then licked it, dropped my camera, threw your porridge bowl- and made the biggest mess, refused to clean up ANY messes all day, and then we put you to bed- and you cried and wouldn't sleep til 930 (you went to bed around 8).  Then, - -- so sad, through the night, you got up a ton, and puked through the night and morning.  
I need a nap.
Love mom

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