Friday, 3 February 2012

What happened to a resolution?

I know most people posted their resolutions a whole month ago....

I don't make new year's resolutions every year.  Last year I made a couple, okay, a bunch. They were the type that I could work my way to all through the year.
Some things I really fell short on.  Others I got a great running start at.  And some I did quite well with.
This year I wanted to choose something important, but succinct, that would sum up how I wanted my year to go.
A couple years ago I read the Happiness Project.  Have any of you read that? Anyways, aside from some less interesting parts, I really enjoyed the book.  One line that I have always remembered from the book (and forgive me if I mis-quote... I think that book has been lent out for a while now) is
"don't let the perfect be the evil of the good"

This line summarizes my biggest problem. 
If something can't be perfect, can it still be good?

I tend to procrastinate. 
But it's not because I'm not motivated.  Or because I'm lazy.  It is honestly because of the following reasons...
1) Organization usually involves a lot of mess first (not cool.... esp with kids) (I can't handle the disorder)
2). I feel that I'm not 100% certain of my end goal, and I don't want to "waste" my time if I might change my mind... or it won't be perfect enough. 
3).  I feel that if I can't complete a WHOLE task, it is not even worth starting.  Or if I can't do it "good enough" yet, I should wait.

I know all of these things sound silly.  Who knows, maybe someone can relate.
So after reading the book ages ago, I began to apply this to my life... I slowly began tackling my list of nagging things that needed to be done around the house.  And sometimes I wouldn't do the job "perfectly", or as good as it should have been done... but guess what? Things got done.  And even if all things didn't meet my high standards, they were done.... and that is by far better than living with all the "piles" and "to do's". 
Then, I went back to my old ways.  It is so strange how someone who thinks of themselves as so creative, with high standards lets so much go.  It doesn't make a lot of sense.
I know that I have a baby coming, and for a while life is going to change once again.  I really have a limited number of days before he makes his way into the world.  So I can't sit around waiting for that idealized perfect (whole, kid free) day to clean my office, closet, do paperwork, frame pictures, email friends back, send that card, organize that cupboard, sort clothes, take a load (or a few) to be donated, organize and save my pictures to my hard drive,...
So this year -- that's my goal... Don't let the perfect be the evil of the good.
I notice a lot of friends who have busy lives as well seem to find time to do the crafts and home renos I long to do, or actually hang pictures on their walls, or do cool outings with their kids, or finish the books that they read.  And you know what? As much as I idealize them as having "things easier" or being superhuman... it's probably not true.  I want to act more like how I picture myself, and let go of waiting to do something perfectly (does that even exist?) and be content with small steps towards bigger goals.  I also need to be content with not getting everything done that I imagine doing (I tend to set the bar fairly high).

So, I am going to make time, even if its just a couple minutes, to do things that I want to do... to express myself, to take care of myself, my family,... and hopefully I notice a reduction in stress, as well as a sense of accomplishment.  And I have to lose the fear of being wrong.. or not good enough.
So with that said... I'm going to watch my taped "Grey's Anatomy" and try to put some pictures in frames! I really hope that I can commit to them! :)

And, since I love to pin... here are a few inspirational pieces of art/quotes:

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