Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The making of V-Day cards

One thing I love about being a mommy is that I have the ability to make holidays special.
Some people are cynical about holidays like Valentines.
NOT me. 
It's great that we have the opportunity to make days memorable for our kids- to involve them, to be creative, to capture "teachable moments" and to help them to find the joy.
We talked about love all day. 

Isabella made cards for her friends/classmates and babysitter.

Ben made cards too. 

Bella's cards were loosely inspired by something I saw on pintrest... with two finger prints making a heart.

And the inside was inspired by other cards online where there was a picture of a kid holding a sucker. 
(I tried to find the original link and can't. Sorry)
Bella drew herself holding a sucker- giving it to a friend (tough to see, I know).

 And the bands of red scrapbook paper were covering up a "Thank you" (these were extra thank you cards printed for our wedding- finally re-purposed 4.5 years later!)

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