Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Family Day

Yet, another Holiday
(I'm not so sure how much of a holiday it is.. but kids get the day off school, and some people get the day off work, or get paid more to work)
Yay! For living in Ontario.

This was another fun one for us as a Family.

Dan took the kiddies outside (while I seemed to be on the phone all morning).  Then I joined them.  After all, it was FAMILY day.. not cool dad, lazy mom day.

This is where I brag about my husband.
He's a fantastic dad.  He's fun and creative. And has more energy than I do some days.

I went outside, and he had the backyard shoveled into pathways (keep in mind we have a BIG backyard).
He had piled snow in an igloo like structure.  Then, we all filled up buckets and tubs with snow (like you would to make a sand castle) and improved on our igloo.  Dan even put one of my summer metal garden flowers up as decoration, and a door mat!
He also piled more snow - with steps, and two different sized snow slides.
(and yes... we still have our lawn mower out. why? not sure. but it wouldn't budge)

On top of it all, the weather was PERFECT! Snowy. Warm. Sunny (the kids even had their mittens off).

Okay, enough talk.... more pictures.

lunch (first course)
in what Bella calls her
Snow Tent :)

Then I got Bellie to help me with a little photoshoot, for my photography class.  They aren't the best pics, but as a mom, some are just too adorable.

my family


  1. WOW ! this is gorgeous photography . Nice family holiday , thanks for sharing this blog and . I LIKE YOUR BLOG ........
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    1. Wow!! Thank you soo much for the compliments! You totally made my day. :)

  2. I totally heart your family too. And that last pic of Bella! xoxoxo


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