Thursday, 4 August 2011

My big sister's garden wedding! (Part 1)

On June 25th, my sister, Jenn married her babe, Dwayne.
They are an awesome couple, and are really good at dealing with anything that comes their way.  They have been engaged for a while and had intended to get married next April (on their anniversary).. but, (Jenn loves to change her mind :)) they decided to move up the date, and just finally be married.
As part of the short timeline, Jenn wanted to keep things simple, and as things snowballed, we volunteered to plan most of the day (parents, and sisters). I totally loved this- I would seriously be a wedding planner if I could!
The ceremony was in my parents beautiful backyard, and was very intimate, with just under twenty of us.
The day started off dreary, but optomistic Jenn kept reminding us it wouldn't rain!  Just as she walked down the "aisle" the sun came out and the sky turned blue.
Here are some pics from that day:

Jenn couldn't stop smiling!

My niece, Erica, stole a quiet moment away with her new stepdad, groom, Dwayne.

Jenn: "Say it!"
Pastor: "I now pronoounce you man and wife"
Jenn: "woooo hoooo"
(that's roughly what was happening in this pic)
The new family (Jenn's kids- Cameron, Jacob and Erica).
The kids said vows to Dwayne, their new step dad during the ceremony.  It was sweet.

I think that since this post has taken me ages that I will share Jenn and Dwayne's wedding in a couple seperate parts.  So this was part one.  More to come!

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