Sunday, 14 August 2011

Wedding, part two

To follow the bride and groom pics, here are some photos of how the day went, and the guests.

Jes and Jenn

The girls and the groom

Jenn and Mom. Someone else took this on my camera; I like it.

Almost our whole family. Missing one sibling.  I love laughing pictures.

(Step) father- daughter dance.

Father- Daughter Dance under the gazebo


I Loooove Jenn's reaction!
Want to see what they are surprised about?

A few weeks before the wedding, my mom had this idea that we should all wear our wedding gowns once Jenn inevitably changes into track pants or PJ's (which she does at every function shortly after dinner).



Jes and I.  At both of our weddings we weren't able to to get a good picture of the two of us together. So this was our shot at a re-take!

We all changed into our comfy clothes/PJ's after dinner.

Then there was dancing. Even mom joined in. Briefly.

Erica and Sara decorated the married couple's van.
Instead of writing "Dwayne and Jenn" on the back, they used their somewhat embarrassing middle names...
"Belinda and Elvis"
tee hee

The perfect ending to the perfect day!

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