Monday, 25 April 2011


Its supposed to rain for like the next four days or something like that!  I don't know what we are going to do with ourselves.
So we took advantage of the last dry half day this morning- we got out and played (and worked) in our yard for hours. It was great.. despite that Ben kept running off.  I would have taken pics.. but I was ACTUALLY gardening.. not just chasing the kids with the camera (but I still had to chase the kids).
And to prove my point - of what are we going to do.... We're in the house now- waiting for Bella to wake up from her nap, and Ben's clapping along with Ellen's audience, eating playdough, and making cute noises with his lips. :(
Please please... I'd love some warm spring days.


  1. check out this blog He has some great recycle ideas/activites to made and do with small children. I bet you'll find some gems to do on your rainy days.

  2. AmyM. Thanks. I took a look. What a cool blog. I love his craft ideas. They are pretty simple too. We'll have to try a craft out on a rainy day, thanks for finding me another great blog to follow.


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