Friday, 22 April 2011

I love Sundays. 
My husband has been working a ton lately, but usually is home on Sundays. Generally I love to spend Sundays together as a family day... but now as the needy momma I am, I leave for a couple hours during naps- so we both have our alone time.
This week I did great!
At the end of someone's laneway (right beside their garbage) I picked this up! (free:) )
 Then at the reuse centre, I bought these two teak chairs for $30 each. They hadn't even been priced yet. I'll oil up the wood til it looks great, and probably get my friend to do my reupholstering.
Not too bad for a couple hours out and sixty bucks. :) Oh the things that make my day... garbage picking and thrift shopping.

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  1. We need to go thrift shopping together because I am obsessed with thrifting and I always look in peoples backyards and things they are throwing away to see if there is anything I could rescue.


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