Friday, 8 April 2011

Isabella's Third Birthday!

My sweet little girl turned three this weekend!
We were very lucky to have my very good friend and her girls over for a visit and sleepover, even though it was a bit of a drive.
On Saturday morning (after gymnastics), we had Bella's party at the trampoline place.  It was sooo much fun!  This was a great way to be active.  And the best part was that all the kids and adults of varying ages had something fun to do that they were good at!


After jumping we were all exhausted!  And it was lunch- so we had some healthy snacks...  fruit, veggies, hummus, sweet potato chips, (eat clean) pasta salad, and ants on a log (celery with pb, and raisins).  Then we had cupcakes. I really tried to make them healthy. I was so excited to get my babycakes cookbook a while ago, and try out some recipes for this weekend.  But the downside of living in a small town (limited resources) with two very young kids, and seeming to always be on a tight timeline during my outings- means that sometimes, after buying almost all the ingredients, I just can't seem to find that last one....grrr! So for Bella's parties, my new cookbook served mostly as an inspiration.  We made gluten free, dairy free, vanilla and chocolate cupcakes.  Then I was so mortified with how they turned out, I didn't trust my own frosting making. I panicked and topped them with some canned frosting (who even knows what’s in that).  And, even though they looked strange- they were pretty yummy!
So all in all, I think we succeeded at having a mostly healthy party!!

We were sooo blessed to have so many of our friends come out to the party! Im thrilled that everyone had fun.  And is it just me- or is there never enough time to talk to everyone enough?!  Either way it was so nice to see everyone!

Another really great thing about the day.... I asked our friends in lieu of gifts to bring a donation for Japan- that we would send via the Red Cross.  We raised over a hundred dollars! Its great that we have friends who care and are willing to help.  I'm going to top up the donation a bit, and send it away this week.

On Sunday evening we had family over.  I guess we're suckers for having as many parties as possible!!! :)
My sweet meat eating husband actually suggested that we host a completely vegetarian party- but keep it easy with veggie burgers and dogs! Seriously, I never thought he'd say that in a million years. So I added to the menu with a delish salad (spinach, romaine, pea sprouts, dried cranberries (pretty sure Bella won’t eat a salad without either gogi or dried cranberries), sesame seeds, sliced pear, and the best vinaigrette), we also had "warm lentils with mushrooms" (from my Martha Stewart's Cooking School) - which was surprisingly a big hit, even with our baby nephew! We also served tortilla chips, homemade salsa and guacamole. For dessert we had an organic white cake, complete with strawberries, and homemade vanilla frosting from my babycakes cookbook.  And to my surprise- they liked it. :) Bella did a great job blowing her candles out!
I know the frosting looks awful.. I was supposed to make it, then chill it for six hours. Since I made it an hour before dinner, I froze it for an hour.  The left overs in the fridge actually look like icing now.

Martha Stewart's Warm Lentils with Mushrooms
Everyone liked these.. (I think)
Especially my baby nephew Nathan.

It was so nice to have everyone over!!! The kids had a blast.

This weekend was a whirl wind- with company, gymnastics, two birthday parties, a bridal shower for a friend,... So I was a little tired Monday, but it was sooo worth it! We have to best family and friends. Any excuse to get together is good with me. And I am so thrilled about the vegetarian parties (so close to being vegan).  I'm a little sad that we'll have to wait til November to plan another party!

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