Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Potty Training

Well, I'm not an expert on potty training.. Though I've learned a bit. And I've given this one tip that helped me a couple times, and have been asked to blog about it.......
I started Bella at a young age (18 months)- because she showed many signs of readiness.  I couldn't keep putting a diaper on her when she was pulling them off and telling me she had to pee or poop.  In retrospect, starting early I'm guessing means more commitment, and loads of patience. 
Bella loved sitting on the potty. We sang, and read, and if she went then we REALLY celebrated.
After a couple days, she started sitting on the potty (going willfully) and having fun- reading, etc.  But then she wouldn't pee or poo.  Once she got off the potty she would go somewhere and hide and pee, or do it as soon as my back was turned.  I actually remember being so frustrated I was in tears one day!
So, I googled. I think I ended up getting my best tip on the baby whisperer site (I really loved the books and found them to be sooo helpful with my kids- especially with sleep, routines and understanding cues).  So here's the tip.
When you think your little guy or gal's gotta go, put them on the potty (preferrably nude). Give them a large bowl of warm water to play in.  The water on their hands is supposed to make them have to pee (think its like when you get in the tub- or pool).  They usually go.  I only had to try this once or twice- and it was followed by a poo and a pee. Bella loved this - it made the potty even more fun (and wet and messy- hence being nude).  When I praised her like crazy for going it reinforced going to the potty.  And she STOPPED HIDING and peeing. She still had some accidents, but this made all the difference in our potty training.  So Tamara, I hope you're reading this!!
All this being said, Ben is starting to show some beginning signs of readiness... and I'm wishing he wasn't. I don't know if I have the patience to do it again.

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  1. Oh the joys of potty training! I am definitely going to try the bowl of water tip. My first, McKayla at 25months, was super easy to potty train but would have the occasional accident every once in a while. My second, Braelyn, at almost 3 years was so hard to train but when trained, never once had an accident EVER! Even at night she has never slipped up. Now we are just thinking about starting with our third, Emerson who is 29 months, but so far she has shown ZERO interest! Good luck with Ben!


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