Friday, 1 June 2012

Sick day

Bella's barely got a cold.
Ben's sorta got a cold.
He's also thrown up a couple times.
There's a lot of snot around here.
I think I have mastitis.
I'm tired and feel like crap.
I've had a lovely friend and my sis in law offer to take my kids so I can rest, but I'd hate for my kids to get anyone else sick. So, we're all at home. And finally no one is crying!
This is what a calmer moment of our day looks like.... Compliments of Diego.
(yes that's my heap of half folded laundry below the tv)

What did momma's used to do on sick days before tv??
I really don't like being so lazy or letting my kids watch so much tv... But sometimes it feels like the only way.

(all iPhone pics.. Baby fell asleep on me and its easier to use hipstamatic)

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  1. Awww....from the beginning I thought you were going to bust out in rhyme and poetry! LOL


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