Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Sand and Water

A friend of ours has a landscape supply business.  Dan mentioned he might like to get the kids a sand pile, and before I could object, there was a whole truckload being dumped onto our lawn.
The kids played in it FOREVER.
Then they "helped" me water some plants and my new bamboo.
Here's what all of that looked like:

what a mischievous look!

watering raspberries... or grass.. or dirt

ben was chasing bella with the hose

he dumped the sand out of his boots so so many times

playing "chug a choo choo"

my sandy beauty

always a goofy face

look at those rosy cheeks!

finley was so good!

Bella helped and kept him happy when she needed to


super sandy face

Needless to say....
They had a big bath after!


  1. if you have any plastic toboggans, they will be fun on the sand pile too!

  2. Good Call!
    We actually thought of that (but haven't gotten to it yet).... because Ben tried to ride his tractor down it-- we figured toboggans would be safer! :)

  3. We had a sand box (more like a sand pit) growing up as kids, and we would spend hours and hours in there! They are wicked fun for kids! Looks like you already know that though! Fantastic pics too btw!

  4. OMGoodness!!! that pic of Bella with her belly on the trampoline cage was hilarious!!!


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