Friday, 11 November 2011

Sorry about being MIA. An explination, and news!

Hello!!! I 've been missing blogging. Big time! As usual we've been very busy. This time the main culprit Is the online course I'm taking to, in part, raise my Pay category as a teacher. Not only is this keeping me busier Than I thought, but makes logging into my Blog almost impossible (therefore no new posts or comments). This is due to having two google accounts. I really can't log in most days. I'm writing this from my iPhone. Hopefully I can catch up with you soon, and share some pictures, And stories. Also I can show you some before and afters. Who doesn't love before and afters anyways?! Yesterday Dan and I went for my ultrasound (18 weeks), And to look for A new car (any suggestions) and for dinner (mmmm Indian). The ultrasound technologist lady refused to tell me the gender of our little one. She assured us she knew and took lots of pictures. Only prob?? I'm supposed to wait until Wed for my follow up doc appt. Thank goodness for my friend, and wonderful midwife who called around for our results first thing this morning!! How sweet! Anyways.... I wish I had a more creative, fun, artsy- fartsy way to tell y'all. It's a boy! I'm really glad we found out!

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